Customer Support


If your purchase was made at another store or website, unfortunately, we don’t have visibility or control of how payments are processed and you should contact them directly.

If you are having issues with pledges on crowdfunding sites like or Kickstarter, please check their policies and try contacting them first, as we also don’t usually have a lot of visibility of their systems. If your inquiry isn’t successful, please escalate it to us using the form at the bottom of the page so we can try from our side.

Defects and replacement parts

If you purchased any Mind’s Vision products and received items with issues, you don’t need to return them to the store. Please contact us so we can work with you on shipping replacement parts or new copies, depending on many factors at our discretion. Most replacement parts are shipped within 24 hours.

If you damaged or lost components of our games or just want to check if it is possible to get an extra component, we can also help.

Please use our form below:
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