An innovative tabletop RPG for solo, co-op, or group play.

Cthulhu is out and has company!

In The Legacy of Cthulhu, players act as one of the few Survivors of the apocalypse brought to Earth by the Great Old Ones and their minions.

The game’s main goal is survival, hiding in Shelters and waiting for the best windows of opportunity to go on supply runs. Food, medicine, weapons, and gear are the essential tools to resist the dooming future ahead, filled with regular folk possessed by pure desperation and madness, scheming cultists, shadowy priests, and the most dangerous Enemies of all: the perverse spawns of Cthulhu and other Great Old Ones, powerful enough to shatter someone’s mind just with their presence.

Innovative gameplay!

Each scenario is divided into hexagonal tiles, representing the different areas of a destroyed city. Your character can wander around the scene, spending time units to complete missions and other actions. In cases of extreme danger, there’s always a possibility to run to a shelter to heal wounds, craft gear, or assemble upgrades.

The game has multiple tables to help you with your choices of actions, including looking for resources, temporary refuges, finding weapons or treasure, violent encounters, character reveals, plot twists, and much more! The system allows for almost 20,000 combinations of events, making The Legacy of Cthulhu a deep and long-lasting game experience.

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