Infærnum – Extreme Roleplaying Game

Infærnum is a brutal role-playing game that approaches a theme that might be sensitive to some people. In this fictional world, one or more players roleplay characters who experience the last days of all things as doomsday comes near.

Infærnum allows you to treat whatever you wish as a metaphor.

All of this is possible with Infærnum – and without any adaptation acrobatics, as thematic changes do not influence the rules.

You can play Infærnum solo, cooperatively, or guided by a player who acts as a referee, also known as a narrator or gamemaster.

The core book also includes:

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Disclaimer: Infaernum is a Role-Playing Game that deals with dark and violent themes, including death, violence, disease, and other adult situations, as well as negative feelings of sadness, despair, and rage. The game’s setting also features creatures, imagery, and situations that are entirely fictional, not representing any actual religion, cult, or formal set of beliefs. This is a work of fiction, and all names, characters, terms, events, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance with actual persons, living or dead, or actual events or organizations is purely coincidental. Reader discretion is advised.