Huradrim is a party game where 2 to 10 players are brewmasters looking to gather the right ingredients to brew the best beer for the king of dwarves! The gameplay is a mix of collecting components and discarding the right cards for fast rounds of less than a minute!

Track your points with the included token cards or try it as a drinking game! 
(Drinking Mode is 21+, please drink responsibly)


A long time ago, in distant lands, the kingdom of the dwarves chose its new king: Huradrim, the leader of the Brewmasters’ Clan.

In his honor, the elders of the Brewmaster’s clan decided to throw a big party with the best beers ever created by the dwarves. But they didn’t count on the worst brewer of all: Prince Huradrim II.

Seeking to help his clanmates, Huradrim II tried to organize all ingredients beforehand and ended up mixing all the ingredients to craft the beers. To make things worse, he got tired after his hard “work” and fell asleep inside one of the crates!

Will the Brewmasters’ Clan be able to organize the ingredients for each brew in time for King Huradrim’s coronation feast?

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