A sizzling cooperative game of hungry customers, burning decisions, and delicious results.

BarbeCubes is a blazing-hot cooperative dice game
for 1 to 5 players with a burning love for food.


6 Ingredient Dice – 50 Order Cards – 1 Score Token – 1 Game Board

Expansions (to be unlocked)
Flippin’Fun – Grillmasters – Hungry Customers

Roll the dice, snag the right ingredients, and expertly manage the grill to avoid food flare-ups!

BarbeCubes is played in turns, divided into 3 phases:

If you end up with three or more dice of Charcoal in the board’s Fuel Area, the fire gets out of control, and you burn an order.

If your team successfully delivers 7 or more orders before burning 3 of them—reaching the chef’s hat icon in the Order Tracker, the players win the game, becoming real grillmasters!

Become the backyard hero as you join forces with fellow grillmasters to conquer the relentless demands of your barbecue-loving crowd.

After playing BarbeCubes for a while, you may want to add some extra flavor to the game. So we planned new extra modes to make the game even more fun and challenging.

Flippin’ Fun

Every grillmaster knows that using your favorite spatula is the best way to handle your ingredients properly! In Flippin’ Fun, you can only move an Ingredient to the Preparation Area or the Grill Area by carrying the die with the Spatula token.


It is virtually impossible to find two individuals in the world who barbecue in the same way. In Grillmasters, each participant receives a Grillmaster Card with a unique ability to assist the team in preparing the most unforgettable meal!

Hungry Customers

Your team of Grillmasters became famous and decided to turn the barbecue hobby into a business! Now, you will cook for real customers. In Hungry Customers, the game becomes semi-cooperative: only one player can be the winner.


BarbeCubes guarantees unforgettable moments of fiery family fun, especially on lazy Sunday barbecue afternoons.